Construction Services

What were you thinking when last time you planned renovation for your home or office?

Ohhh… what a big hassle it would be. Where to find construction contractor, plumber and interior designer? Who will do water proofing, flooring and remodeling? Now all these questions answered by “SMART SERVICE”, your one stop solutions provider.

Home improvement (Renovation)

  • For your home and office, we provide solutions of renovation and remodeling. Structural changes in architecture will be taken care by team of experts having years of experience in industry. Even if you want to give new shape or identity to entire home or office, just give us a call and we’ll do it for you.


  • Regular maintenance of your home or office as and when I t required by you.


  • Developing Entire new landscape or expanding existing structure for better utilization of space or to have maximum benefit of vacuumed space, we will ideate entire exercise and provide you optimum solutions.

Flooring work

  • State of art flooring, a dream of every home or office which has to suit their budget, no more worries for you.

Water proofing

  • Any type of water proofing whether it is construction water proofing, basement water proofing or electronic water proofing, our team of experts will be at your service 24 X 7.

Plumbing / drainage system

  • Have you faced urgency when your pipes has leakage, its dripping on your head and your plumber is out of station. Then what?? We make sure at least plumbing emergencies are out of your life.
  • Tap Repairs & Changing, Western Closet Repairs and fixing, Internal and External Pipeline connections, Wash Basin Repairs, Kitchen sinks repair, Drainage line repairs, Tiles Laying, Tank Repairs, Installation of overhead Tanks, Bath tub connections, Shower repairs all bathroom accessories etc..

RCC breaker machine (Rental base)

  • Big construction demolition service to speed up your process will be provided from us